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We Don't Have to Wait

by 4G Core Team member Rev. Breen Marie Sipes

I have not been into Advent this year. At all. It is my very favorite season of the church, and I just can't seem to get started. After sitting with this reluctance for almost three Sundays, I finally realized that what I usually emphasize during Advent is waiting, and this whole year has been like a time on hold, waiting and waiting and waiting. I am tired of waiting!

But waiting is not the only thing that we do during Advent. This year, during our evening devotions, our family has been dwelling with one of the words for the week. So far, we have done hope and peace, and tonight begins joy. I am realizing that although we can *wait* in hope and peace and joy (and love), we can also actively hope, and bring peace, and dwell in joy. We don't have to wait!

St. Lucia will be remembered tomorrow as a "Bringer of the Light" into what used to be considered the longest day of the year. May this reimagining of a classic song bring hope and peace and joy to you, right now. You don't have to wait!

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