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Cross+Gen Imposition of Ashes

Contributed by 4G Core Team member Rev. Breen Marie Sipes

On this day after Ash Wednesday, I am so inspired by the way that Deacon Kristin Mooneyham- Johnson of First Lutheran Church in Fremont figured out how to share the imposition of ashes during the height of the pandemic. They decided to provide a small dish of ashes, wet wipes, and a slice of lemon (to remove the ashes from fingers) to each family group. When it came time for the imposition of ashes, family members took turns marking one another with the sign of the cross. Although it began out of necessity, Kristin shared that it became a lovely expression of ritual action across generations. Families marking one another with the sign of the cross and ashes made for a truly holy moment, and a perfect way to begin the season of Lent. How might this creative reimagining of an age-old act help you to imagine including more and more cross+generational interaction in your ritual actions?

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