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Nativity Scene

Post these signs outdoors and walk from station to station, reading the story of Jesus' birth.

Merry Christmas

This recording of a free webinar will help congregations imagine how to celebrate Christmas Eve, even in 2020.

Sheet Music

The Wisconsin Council of Churches shares new ways of carrying out Christmas traditions to keep safety a priority.


In the church year, Christmas starts on December 24 and continues through the twelve days of Christmas (December 26-January 5).  Resources to celebrate this season with all generations are found below.

Virgin Mary and Jesus Statue

Christmas programs, some taking very little preparation, are shared by the Nebraska Synod's 4G Team.  They could be adapted to use in online settings, too.

Image by Chris Montgomery

Illustrated Ministry is selling a resource pack that includes everything from a "How To" guide to a media pack.

Christmas Tree Decorating

Faith Formation staff of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America share a large number of resources for both seasons here.

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