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Tree of Gratitude

by Deacon Koren Lindley, 4G Core Team member

Happy Thanksgiving week! Gratitude is important for so many reasons, and expressing our gratitude can create such meaningful sharing experiences between the generations. Here is a fun and easy project that can be done with things close to home or church with little preparation.

Cover a bucket with burlap or fabric and created a Tree of Gratitude at home or worship. Kids of all ages can gather sticks and old tree branches that have fallen and bring and fill the bucket, creating the "tree." Make tags out of paper or old cards and have everyone write or draw something they are grateful or thankful for this year. As everyone takes a turn sharing, they can then hang their tag on the Tree of Gratitude!

This project can also be created as an Advent tree, a Lent tree, a birthday tree that honors the birthday person, etc. The options are endless!

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