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Let Your Light Shine

by 4G Core Team member Deacon Koren Lindley

Recently another staff member and I began talking about how we can encourage our faith/church family to recognize the many ways we shine our light for Christ and use our time and talents as an offering. Many of us are suffering from COVID burnout and spirits are needing a boost.

We decided to put together a special bulletin board and table with cards where people can write where and how they saw an individual or group offering their time and talents to God. (I'm thinking about calling it the "Let Your Light Shine!" board.)

For example, one of our families spent a Saturday turning our craft room into a "Bethlehem workshop" from long ago for the Sunday School kids. As deacon, I was the only one who knew they were behind all the work and preparation of making this project happen. Once the board is ready, I will go to the table, write out a card explaining how I saw their light shine for God as they worked on this workshop, and I will put it on the bulletin board.

Each Sunday, a few of these will be highlighted at our offering time. I am excited to get to work on this project showing how generous we all can be in our own ways!

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