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25 Days of Gratitude

by Rev. Breen Sipes, 4G Core Team member

My family and I have been engaging in this 25 day gratitude challenge during the month of November leading up to Thanksgiving:

We have added it to our FAITH5 practice and as a way to deepen our practice of gratitude, especially as we enter into the holiday season. I really appreciate that it gives so many different categories about which to give thanks, beyond our big ones that we typically offer (friends, family, daily work, etc.).

You still have time to join this challenge before Thanksgiving, or perhaps it would also make a wonderful Advent practice (especially as we try to cultivate thankfulness in a "gimme" holiday culture). Maybe even start a texting chain with a cross+generational group of family or friends, with one prompt per day.

Thanks to Natural Beach Living for the great idea!

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